Arms deal inquiry: Woods suggests Modise was corrupt

The late Joe Modise came under fire at the arms deal inquiry, with former MP, Gavin woods claiming he accepted kickbacks.

Arming security guards could increase risks

Despite the recent spike in armed robberies at shopping centres, researchers say that arming private security guards will only increase the chances of innocent people being injured

Cape Town City berates Nyanga taxi operators

The City of Cape Town and provincial government have lashed out at the taxi operators for what they say is a well-orchestrated plot to make the city ungovernable.

Church-goers brutally beat would-be robbers

Potential robbers nearly met their maker on Monday night when they were brutally beaten by church-goers after attempting to rob a church in Berea, Johannesburg.

18 years later, family awaits promise of house

LHR lawyer Louise du Plessis, based in the Land and Housing Unit says, “The state needs to deal with the administration around issuing of houses and implement a proper structure”.

SA criminal cops: plans underway to stop the rot

The SAPS is set to take action against members who have criminal records, and claim the audited figure of 1,448 bad cops has dropped.


Judge For Yourself - Gaza Conflict

In this week's episode of Judge For Yourself, Judge Dennis Davis and his guests discuss different views around the ongoing conflict in Gaza.


Zuma 'warmly welcomed' in Russia

President Jacob Zuma discussed trade opportunities with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.


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